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Track: Lore | Artist: Idola Fori


Zone out into another dimension with dub-filled electronica from Hong Kong duo Idola Fori and their new single Lore.

Delivered in multiple formats, languages, and consistencies, Idola Fori transcend that of the traditional structure of mainstream music. As a 'transmedia art project' led by Malaysian singer–musician Sherin S. and British-Canadian techno producer Dan F., Lore first came to us as a music video, quickly catching our attention for its stunning visuals and ominous atmosphere. Full of panoramic videography and deep-rooted allegory, the music video is a spot-on parallel to the single's bass-heavy aesthetic. With a name that translates into 'language distorts your perception of reality', Idola Fori are nailing the experimental trance genre in every way they possibly can.

Beginning with a droning synth riff that will instantly drop you into blissful reverie, Lore opens to include Sherin's haunting vocals as a prelude to the track's captivating climax. Watch the video for Lore above and be sure to follow both Idola Fori and assisting label Disuye Records at their socials below for more hypnotic music to keep you moving!

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