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Track: filtered | Artist: DYLAN.JK.VOGT


Always at this time of year, The Beatforest is a breeding ground of new beats and vernal groove from every direction. Harmonizing with the springtime bloom, our writer DYLAN.JK.VOGT bursts forth with his latest track filtered; a neo-soul, future banger that highlights the LA-bound producer's versatility with a variety of genres.

In follow up to his downtempo, two-track EP 7pm & Chinatown, filtered is VOGT's inaugural launch into the future bass community. Trying his hand with multiple styles of music, this release makes it clear that the Pennsylvania-native's classical background has a lot to do with how every beat is expertly imagined. From dynamic arpeggios to the smallest whispers of backend percussion, filtered is the quintessential DYLAN.JK.VOGT jam that you didn't know you needed.

Like a fresh pot of coffee, the track delivers smooth, tasty feels with a spoonful of warm piano riffs for good measure. Laidback yet sharp, VOGT infuses a circumambient energy that surpasses the chillwave textures of tunes' past. His blend of forever beats gives filtered a classic vibe - allowing the listener to explore jazz/soul consistencies while still grooving out to the hard basslines of every note. Be sure to grab the free download of filtered in the Soundcloud player above and stay tuned to his socials below for a vocal version of the track dropping soon!


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