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EP: Pagan Rituals I: Animal Worship | Artist: Stranded Mermaid


Hailing from the southern city of Växjö, Sweden, Stranded Mermaid emerge after a six month hiatus with their latest EP Pagan Rituals I: Animal Worship. Feeding the inner wildling in all of us, the six-piece serve up anthemic indie that will have you howling with the wolves from the first song to the last!

Akin to Fever Ray's strain of primeval folk-pop, Stranded Mermaid fill their sound with bold harmony, percussion, and epic instrumentation. Led by Louise Lindenger's soaring vocals, the ensemble provide their listeners with a musical journey that merges the untamed with the civilized. Coming after their successful 2014 single In The Jaws Of The Wolf, Stranded Mermaid's latest release gets even more intimate with ambiance. So far, each song within the EP reanimates a nordic appeal, accenting the natural wilderness which inspires the group's overall aesthetic.

(Photo Credit: Lanna Olsson)

One of our favourite tunes off the record is Scream from the wilderness. The track starts quietly, exploring Lindenger's gorgeous falsetto and legendary vocal range. As the melody builds, a rhythmic pattern emerges to include haunting 'ooohs' (from accompanying vocalist Håkan Persson) and resonant percussive textures. You might not notice at first, but the guitars are omnipresent in this track; folding in a beautifully rich soundscape of intricate tonalities. The other singles are just as lush and suggest that this production was coordinated with tremendous meditation.

"Animal Worship: The fascination and adoration of animals. Exploring the animal characteristics of the human being. The instinct, the hunger and the longing for the wild."

Check out Stranded Mermaid at their socials below and watch this space for further sounds from the up and coming Swedish group!

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