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Guelph, Ontario has received two beautiful things this past week: a blast of warm weather and the complete Hillside 2016 performer lineup. In anticipation of this exciting time of year, The Beatforest has curated a number of tracks from artists who will be playing on the island this summer. Without further ado, we are proud to present #BeatsOf: Hillside Festival 2016!

With over 100 tunes featuring top-notch indie, rock, folk, world & every genre in between, #BeatsOf: Hillside Festival 2016 is your new best friend in discovering artists performing at this wonderful Guelph-based music festival!

"The Hillside Festival is a three-day, five-stage event with a broad artistic vision that emphasizes diversity: of culture, of musical heritage and style, of age, geography and influence." -

To find each track, we got cozy with each artist's Soundcloud page, chose two/three of our favourite songs & fused it all together into an uplifting, folk-festival playlist ready for Hillside! Unfortunately, not all artists can be found on Soundcloud from the Hillside lineup so we supplemented that deficit with extra songs from those who are! As a side note, it's really great to see all of the female talent at this year's festival! Compliments to the Hillside team for putting together such a stellar lineup!

Get amped for Hillside along with us & enjoy this playlist courtesy of The Beatforest Music Blog! For more information on Hillside Festival 2016, visit their social channels below!

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(Cover Photo Credit: Ryan Price)


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