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EP: Dome | Artist: Firewoodisland


Think you know folk-pop music? Think again. UK-based Firewoodisland impress fans, new and old, with their recent EP Dome. The stunning folk-pop release redefines the genre with its massive atmospheric and rock n' roll narratives.

Firewoodisland is Stian Vedøy, Abi Newbould, Stephen Allen, Rowan Blake Talbot, and Dylan Jones. The five-piece ensemble categorize themselves as "mountain pop," likely due to their mountainous folk guitar and instrumentals interlaced with brilliant vocal harmonization. Founded as a solo project in 2010 by Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Vedøy, the band has quickly developed a mature and acclaimed sound since their first collaborative EP release in 2014. With features on BBC Radio 6, Earmilk, and 405, as well as a Top 40 placement on Norwegian Radio, Firewoodisland has only just begun captivating the folk-pop scene with their innovative Nordic-inspired sound.

Listen and purchase the full Dome EP in the Soundcloud player above and enjoy an abundance of uplifting folk-pop vibes originating from Firewoodisland. While you're at it, like and follow their socials below to stay up-to-date on the band's daily happenings!

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