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Track: Die Trying | Artist: Michl


The key to generating hype in the music industry: establish an enigmatic & minimalistic brand, release visceral beats every 3 months or so, and keep people guessing on what's next to come. How does one do this you might wonder? Just ask Michl.

With only three singles released on Soundcloud and an incredibly mysterious social presence thus far, Michl is about to transcend any previous allegations of the term "one-hit-wonder" with his string of soulful melodies. At first, the debut single Kill Our Way To Heaven materialized; a passionate, slow-burning anthem that reached over 1 million plays on Soundcloud alone. Next came When You Loved Me Least: an anguish-filled ballad of self-preservation that solidified our suspicions of dissolution within the lyrics. Finally, his most recent single Die Trying arrives to the party.

Sung in a heavenly falsetto overlaid with captivating electro-harmony, Die Trying is an exhibit of both profound emotion and confused love. The textured electronic elements unite similarities of Lorde with Imogen Heap; sung with introspection and steeped in pop perfection. While there is little known about Michl at this point, it's safe to say that this budding artist is on his way to the top and I can't wait to see what's next in his musical journey!

Check out the Ghost Loft remix of When You Loved Me Least above and be sure to grab both previous singles for free download at ToneDen here!

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