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EP: Living | Artist: VÉRITÉ


The mother of all unsigned artists has arrived to The Beatforest in celebration of her sensational new release. Dressed with five singles, each better than the next, VÉRITÉ's Living EP mingles explosive vocal timbre with next level future-pop beats; an exciting new sound that's more mature than her last, but still just as good.

New York native Kelsey Byrne is no new face to the pop music scene. As VÉRITÉ, the singer-songwriter has now released three well-praised EP's without the help of a major record label. Entirely independent and 100% cognizant of the hardships that unsigned musicians face, Byrne epitomizes how staying independent can pay off (and work to your advantage) with patience and self-determination.

"I’ve gotten to prove my concept and vision without external pressures or fear of not living up to a particular image or expectation. I’ve learned to place more value on myself and my music and my team, and I believe other independent artists might benefit from doing the same."

- VÉRITÉ via TheTalkhouse

Distinguishing herself from the oversaturated electro-pop genre, VÉRITÉ has managed to capture a different mood within each song from her new EP. One of our favourites off of Living is Gesture. Led by the smooth sounds of the upright bass and paired with Byrne's crystal clear lyrics that carry an assertive appeal, the track provides listeners with a laidback, empowering aesthetic. Much like the other tunes from Living, Gesture entwines acoustic instrumentation with electronic cadence that will undoubtedly make any listener it comes across swoon in musical delight! Grab the Living EP in the Soundcloud player at the top of this post and be sure to follow VÉRITÉ at her socials below to stay up-to-date on this inspiring musician!


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