• Oliver

Track: The Meter | Artist: THØSS

Cheerfully filled with surf-pop ardor, English songsmith THØSS provides indie rock fans with his upbeat jam called The Meter.

Explaining himself as "a songwriter and purveyor of the DIY music mentality," THØSS guarantees nostalgia with a modern-bygone appeal. Somewhat dissimilar from his previous work, The Meter runs deep with empowering falsetto and feel-good rhythm; an infectious blend of lyrical hooks and beats that will have you humming along hours later. With just two additional tracks on his Soundcloud (including Swing & IWITW, see the video below), the Fleet-based musician combines the likes of indie-pop with rock n' roll sensibilities to fill every measure with feels. On top of the smooth beats, he has a sweet alias; assumedly originating from the Scandinavian alphabet, but ultimately making him that much more hip.

Check out THØSS at the socials below and be sure to stay tuned for his debut Benchwarmer EP dropping soon!


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