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Track: Fiendin' | Artist: Allen French


Have you ever heard the boogeyman's theme song? I think we just found it. Allen French arrives to the forest once again to grace us with a dark and groove-filled track called Fiendin'.

No new face to The Beatforest, LA producer Justin Karcich (aka. Allen French) composes his most sinister jam yet. Ripe with fluttering synth riffs, large-and-in-charge basslines, and syncopated backbeat, Fiendin' explores Karcich's signature disco-house style while repeatedly championing innovative genre fusions never heard to the naked ear. While it's clear Fiendin' is AF's most illustrious track to date, his previous work is just as good; including a soul-house banger called Rosie, a neo-funk masterpiece called Snake Charmer, and a plethora of remixes and edits all with their own unique pizzazz.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Ariel Photography)

Co-written with horn expert Joe Berry (plus falsetto add-ins from Solar Heist band member Jason Powers), Fiendin' delivers on all parts funky. The wispy clarinet and catchy piano licks will take you on a journey deep into the Paris underground, and before you even know it you'll be four-on-the-floor, grinding hard with a baguette!

"I think it's safe to say that we all have wants, needs and desires in life and this track caters to that specific type of feeling. It's a smokey and seductive ride and by the end of the journey you'll be fiendin' for more..."

Grab your copy of Fiendin' for free download in the Soundcloud player above and be sure to follow Allen French below to stay tuned for more dope beats dropping soon!

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