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Track: Head Now | Artist: Mazlyn


Have you had your falsetto fix today? If not, it's time we provide a remedy. UK-based Mazlyn drops in with a gorgeous alt-pop tune called Head Now that will have you zoning out before the vocals even drop.

Striking similarities to Antony & The Johnsons, Thom Yorke, & Caribou, Mazlyn unveils the second official single in preparation for his impending debut EP. Released about two months after a more acoustically-textured track Could I Get Out (With You), Head Now demonstrates just how experimental the Ipswich singer-songwriter can be. Beginning with a soft and pulsing riff, the track opens to welcome Mazlyn's descanted vocals. As they begin to build, so does the back end; subtly providing the listener a sonic setting of atmospheric cadence. Without delay, the melody shifts into pure instrumental whirr, both hypnotizing and displacing the original impression of placidity, and capturing an essence of undeniably danceable groove.

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