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LP: Blooprints | Artist: Vervex


Sometimes the best music comes from the most improvised situation. Using nothing but his laptop, a makeshift studio, and a myriad of instrumental knowledge, Seattle-based musician Vervex crafts a smooth composition of beats that will treat you well into the summer months!

Championing the lo-fi approach to production that's become ever popular in today's musical landscape, Jake Barrow (aka. Vervex) has mastered the art of eccentricity. Contrasting his previous releases by taking a turn into the electro-pop avenue, Blooprints is Barrow's most recent, independent offering since the 2013 Gather & Scatter EP. The album steps away from the surf-rock appeal of Gather & Scatter, exploring a unique blend of synths, percussive stabs, and lyrical depth as seen in the 10 tracks on the release. Reminiscent of Day Wave, Hazel English, & Yaesayer, Vervex's sound is one you may need to listen to a few times to fully get into; but once you do, you won't regret ever pressing play.

My top picks from Blooprints have to be Haunt You, Vivacious, & Horizon Lines. All three have a rhythmic energy that catches the listener off guard (in a good way) when listening to the rest of the album. Be sure to check out Vervex at his socials below and grab your copy of Blooprints on Bandcamp for seven bucks here!

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