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Track: Raindrops | Artist: Moglebaum


Weaving effervescent electronic elements with organic instrumentation, German five-piece Moglebaum break genres and cross lines with their latest experimental single Raindrops.

I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like Moglebaum, yet everything about their sound forms absolute transcendence. Born from the brain of 23 y/o pianist & producer Simon Ebener-Holscher (the same name behind Beatforest favourite Moglii), Moglebaum execute a bold union of symphony meets electronica. Laying bare the popular 'future bass' genre by injecting melodic horns, strings, and percussion throughout, the Cologne and Düsseldorf quintet embody what some are calling "a soulful, warbling slice of auditory heaven".

Following the group's successful single You & Me (watch the official video below), Raindrops steps onto the scene as Moglebaum's most innovative track yet. Led by Franziska Geiß's boundless vocals and whimsical songwriting, the single flutters in-and-out of atmospheric depth. Following this capricious structure, every note holds immense meaning within its placement; the horns providing a playful and jazzy feel, the synths cresting with tasteful groove, and the percussive textures assisting the overall vibrant rhythms throughout.

While we're unsure if Raindrops is setting the stage for a full-length release, we can only hope for more great beats like this dropping in our inbox soon!

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