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Track: Birds | Artist: Richi Jones


Two things that will always be synonymous with one another: beards and folk music. Now add an angelic vocal register and you've got yourself Richi Jones, the 20 year old singer-songwriter from West Midlands whose minimal acoustics engender true serenity.

With a similar cadence to Amos Lee & inspiration drawn from folk-rock legend Ray LaMontagne, Richi Jones' Into The Fire EP confirms our love for this budding artist. Filled with four heartfelt songs, each uniquely different than the next, the debut release exhibits Jones' prowess as a lyrical songsmith and his ability to draw listeners in with a calming appeal. Featured as the second song from the release, Birds marries chilled-out guitar riffs with rustic timbre. The track maintains a slowed speed up until the 2:45 mark; delving into every last lick of melody before the tempo is increased to deliver us straight into festival season! Check out the other tracks sharing space with Birds by purchasing the entire Into The Fire EP on iTunes here! Also be sure to follow & like Richi Jones at his socials below for touring dates, music videos, and more!

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