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Track: Coming Up' ft. Kellylee Evans and Atom | Artist: The Geek x Vrv


Famous for their wines, museums, and romanticism, the French also have a knack for producing some of the grooviest beats in the dance industry. With a roster of names like Daft Punk and Fred Falke, France now embraces funky Parisian duo The Geek x Vrv in their latest release Coming Up'.

Prepping for their upcoming Origami EP (available June 10th here), The Geek x Vrv feature vocalist Kellylee Evans and producer Atom in their newly released single that is guaranteed to get you moving. Meshing Kellylee Evans' gospel vocals (preach!) with soulful r&B beats and funky 'wah' guitar riffs, The Geek x Vrv prove to us that the West Coast vibes of the 90s (vinyl scratching included) are making a comeback. While Coming Up' is reminiscent of the old school hip-hop flowing from your vinyl collection, The Geek x Vrv bring the genre up-to-date with modern production chops and a bit of French-house influence. Grab your copy of Coming Up' in the Soundcloud player below to support these incredible artists!

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