• Oliver

Track: Stupid LA Love Song | Artist: The Palms


Effortlessly melodic is how I would describe California pair The Palms. Just two dudes making music in LA, this psychedelic-pop duo have found a niche where indie rock fits into almost every other genre without flaw.

A bit on the trop side, a bit on the psych side, their most recent release, Stupid LA Love Song, goes against the mundane breakup anthems currently on rotation across the mainstream. It's breezy, atmospheric energy (supplied by instrumentalist Johnny Zambetti) sets the tone, while Ben Rothbard's vocal hooks take us on a trip along the coast where bouncing lullabies are born. I can't help but get lost in every aspect of this song; from soaring reverb to warm guitar licks, the two create a quintessential sound for any summer playlist. Contest the love lost monotony with Stupid LA Love Song and feel that California sun in the Soundcloud player below!

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