• Oliver

Track: Clouds | Artist: Chymes


Days like today are why music is so important. When something terrible happens and the world is on edge, unsure of where to turn for support, music provides an escape. Winding its way into each ear, music inspires a warm healing process that starts by simply listening. Animating this uplifting warmth with their brand new single come singer-songwriter duo Chymes.

If you heard of Chymes before and loved their debut single Oracle, you're going to fall head over heels for Clouds. The New South Wales two-piece invite their listeners on a downtempo journey filled with slight vocal modulation and major sensation. Panning percussive notes flit from ear to ear, inviting the senses to a lofty daydream reminiscent of Los Angeles duo EXES. While Cameron Taylor and Kiersten Nyman's distant harmonies guide the tune, it's truly the electronic textures that give the track a whimsical feel. Now curl up with a warm mug of tea, close your eyes, and submit to the gentle soundscape Chymes provide in Clouds.

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