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Track: Let Me Down ft. MADE IN LA | Artist: Lily Elise


Trust me when I say that Lily Elise is about to hit it huge with her new single. Not only is Let Me Down a catchy, future-pop sparkler, but it sends a strong (and much needed) message to the players of 'the game' to make your intentions known so everyone feels the love.

Elise's vocals are something to behold. Mature and robust when they want to be, the San Francisco songstress jumps from delicate, breathy timbre into the powerful head tone she's known for. Produced in concert with LA newcomers MADE IN LA, Let Me Down fizzles with trap undertones that uniquely complement the singer's dazzling register. On top of this multi-genre production, her discography highlights top-notch collaborations, some of which include heavy-hitters Dillon Francis and Felix Cartal. She explains Let Me Down as her plea to all guys to just "cut it off" when they're not interested. "Don't try to keep us in your back pocket, just let us know what’s up and let it go. Only one guy in my dating history has done that for me and I respect him so much for it. Big ups to that guy." Listen below!

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