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Track: Тишиной (AMVI Rework) | Artist: antrru


In listening to AMVI's rework of antrru's Тишиной, the term "program music" comes to mind. The atmospheric textures of the acoustic guitar presented in Тишиной seem to capture the essence of flowing water, waves, and the ocean. Just as was the case in programmatic music of the Romantic Period, Тишиной is appropriately orchestrated to represent the narrative of the piece: a song filled with metaphors about the sea.

Hailing from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, antrru (aka. Anton Kiltsov) is a producer of the analog realm. He recently accomplished a major feat in releasing his debut album Мрамори, meaning "sea" in Russian. "The lyrics are full of abstractions and metaphors, as well as self-reflection and thoughts about society," says antrru. Transforming the album's single Тишиной from a darker synth original into a beautiful acoustic track, Russian producer AMVI has made the song "a great fit for a slow walk in a garden." Listen to Тишиной below and purchase antrru's album Мрамори on Bandcamp here!


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