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Track: State I'm In | Artist: Brandyn Burnette


State I'm In, title-track from the new EP set to premiere this Friday, offers itself as one of Brandyn Burnette's most affective numbers to date. Partly written in his youth, the track hears the Toluca Lake singer-songwriter ruminate on both his past and present, serenading his fans with veritably fervent soul.

Upon releasing his debut EP Made Of Dreams back in November, Burnette has gained a ton of traction through heartfelt, emotional ballads comfortably nestled between downtempo pop and neo-soul. His abounding creativity permeates every verse, moving listeners with true authenticity that transcends the modern 'alt-pop' movement. Following Karma, Worship, & the Win x Woo produced Underneath, State I'm In isn't a track I would advise you listen to just once. It's catchy rhythm paired with Burnette's soaring falsetto provide an addictive tone and, quite honestly, puts him in my sights as one of 2016's most promising acts so far. Play this track on repeat & get amped for the State I'm In EP by grabbing your copy of the new single in the Soundcloud player below!

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