• Oliver

Track: Sundive | Artist: Lovespeake


I've had a hot minute to delve into this jam since last week and have come to the conclusion that this is, without question, the best Lovespeake song ever created (and that's coming from a true Lovespeake fanatic).

Heavy nu-disco grooves, funky arpeggios, and chanted chorus lines set Norwegian band Lovespeake apart from the rest, allowing listeners to sing-along with their latest track Sundive without the slightest care in the world. It's feel good melody evokes a positively radiant feeling, especially within the chorus, that spills over with sun-bathed motifs and beaming synth patterns. There's never a part of me that wants to skip ahead after listening to it over and over again and, truthfully, this is the greatest feat any artist can achieve. Splash into a Sundive with Lovespeake's debut album DNA by grabbing this, and nine other crowd-pleasers, on iTunes here!

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