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EP: Cheers To You | Artist: jackLNDN


Englishman jackLNDN has just released a new EP titled Cheers To You that's gracefully flowing with soulful beats. The London-based producer is well-seasoned within the congregation of highly innovative electronic producers originating from the UK, and his latest release is no exception.

Utilizing tasteful vocal samples, top notch percussion sounds, and expressive synths, jackLNDN's new EP is the ideal downtempo, R&B blend to provide your night with uplifting vibrations. "Hopefully my music will make you happier than you were before," says jackLNDN on his Soundcloud page. I can safely say that I'm much happier after listening to the track and can guarantee you will be too. Listen and download jackLNDN's Cheers To You EP for free below!

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