• Oliver

Track: Say It Again | Artist: KINGDM


A heavenly tropical scent wafts through the air. Echoing percussive notes step into earshot while marimba rhythms set the stage. Euphoric undertones begin to bubble and it becomes clear that you've reached the KINGDM.

Born through an Instagram PM that resulted in collaboration fated from the start, international dyad KINGDM unlock their latest banger just in time for cabana season. Say It Again trails after the funky, Chromeo-esque anthem Can't Get Over You, as well as Baby (featuring Kevin Garrett). Both topped the Hype Machine popular charts, making waves on radio stations across the globe - and I just know that Say It Again is about to do the same. The entire track takes place within the coastal region of KINGDM's musical realm, perfectly freckled with elated synths and chopped vocal riffs. There's something about it that screams summer beach party, and honestly that's where we'll be for the next three months. So grab a cocktail and dive into KINGDM's Say It Again by listening below!


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