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Track: Caving | Artist: Seavera


I think it's quite clear that by now you (and the rest of the world) have heard the greatness of Maggie Rogers' Alaska. But have you heard of Australian duo Seavera and their equally stunning track Caving? I didn't think so. Caving was written to explore "the fear of being exposed, a violent plea to a lover to be cut open." It's sensitive and metrical lyrics capture the fragility of suppressed emotion - and paired with thudding harmonies, dulcet cadence, and an overall rhythmic flow, the track is something to be revered. Brought to life by singer Tori Zietsch and producer Daniel Pinkerton, the Melbourne pair weave an exciting blend of 'honesty, intimacy, and darkness' into every measure; ensuring their listeners are keeping step with both the music and it's message. Devour every soundbite of Seavera's debut track in the Soundcloud player below and stay tuned for more potent beats from the rising duo.

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