• Oliver

Track: Noises (Kryptogram Remix) | Artist: Jessi Malay


Sad the weekend's over? Me too, but Kryptogram is here to make it all better. With fresh-to-death synth progressions layered over Jessi Malay's Noises, the Chicago groove-meister turns Malay's flirty slow-jam into an ultimate midweek blues buster.

It's been about 2 months since Kryptogram last graced us with his original Scarlet; a neo-house, BF favourite loaded with groovy vocal chops, percussion, and hard-hitting synth work. Now the producer is venturing into deep house territory that floats in the same realm as UK heavyweights Disclosure. Oscillating hi-hats give the track a classic house feel, whisking the listener into a drone of melodic breakbeat that's one part soul and three parts dance. Personally, there's something about a simple house rhythm that carries me through those hot summer days when nothing but music soothes the soul. Bump this banger on loud speakers and you'll know exactly what I mean.

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