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Track: Set You Free | Artist: Loud Forest


When love is the glue that holds a band together, something incredible is bound to take shape. Crafting a musical double entendre with their latest release, Los Angeles couple Bernard and Rachel Chadwick marry angular songwriting with abstract lyricism in a genre-filled union known as Loud Forest.

Set You Free is one of those jams that puts a smile on your face right from the start. A little tambourine, driving drumwork, and rousing guitar truly go a long way, and once the harmonies step in there's no turning back from what might just be your new favourite band. It's as if Mother Mother, The Lumineers, and The Pixies all had a sweet jam session, passed their track over to Freedom Fry and released it while raising two daughters. But I think the best part about Loud Forest's self-titled debut album is the variety they have from track to track. Be it Drag Me/Don't Drag Me's surf-pop zest or the upbeat rhythms flowing through There You Are, the duo manage to capture an energy that speaks to a different mood buried within each tune. Still not impressed by this talented duo and my raving reviews? Take a peek at their adorable 360° music video for Loneliness is Making Us Wild below and re-evaluate those doubts.

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