• Oliver

Track: Bitter Leaf | Artist: LANKS


Australia, you have my heart. Not only have you given us a taste of the best unsigned electronic music surfacing down under, but you've introduced the world to so many incredible acts deserving of the limelight. Seavera, Godwolf, Left., & BATTS - the list could go on. But personally, LANKS takes the cake.

Known across the island nation for his gorgeous falsetto and chart topping single Golden Age, Will Cuming (aka. LANKS) is one of those artists that you can't help but love. The multi-instrumentalist manages to establish a connection within his music that many artists fail to accomplish; creating transparency between the lyrics and beats where sonic dissonance typically takes place. Cuming's latest earworm illustrates exactly this: an iambic composition of soulful electronica filled with pointed lyrics and velvety guitar. I think my favourite part of Bitter Leaf is the quick verse Cuming throws in before the chorus. It's like a trill of anticipation leading up to a beautiful breakdown. Truthfully, this may very well be Cuming's finest work to date, so go grab your free download of the track while you can and groove out to Bitter Leaf in the Soundcloud player below!


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