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Track: Golden Lights | Artist: Moglii & Novaa


Repeat features and favorites at The Beatforest, Moglii & Novaa are at it again with their new single Golden Lights. Released earlier in the month on the duo's brilliant five track Down Under EP, Golden Lights exemplifies what music is all about: reflecting powerful emotions through notes and lyrics.

Opening with a simple, yet effective three note melody, Golden Lights quickly expands into a beautifully orchestrated array of organic sounds and synths. In listening, it's apparent that the German pair are both highly skilled and trained musicians with an innovative approach to music-making. Moglii's background as a jazz pianist and time spent devoted to recording his own sample library (including everything from coffee machines, shopping bags, and/or cacti) comes to light in his exceptional compositions. Listen to Golden Lights in the Soundcloud player below and dive into the deep sounds flowing from Moglii & Novaa. Love what you hear? Be sure to stream their full EP here while you're at it.

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