• Oliver

Track: Dirty Whispers | Artist: AM!R


Alright, so I know I'm a bit late to posting AM!R's Dirty Whispers. I also know he's released two other amazing tracks within the past month, both of which embody the NYC producers versatile genre #futurepunksoul. But what you might not be aware of is how Dirty Whispers is an audio aphrodisiac ready to take your night from low-key to straight up sexual in less than a minute.

Opening with a greasy bassline sensually charged to get your hormones racing, Dirty Whispers promises about 45 seconds until climax takes place. You won't know what hit you; whether it's AM!R's buttery, Prince-like vocals or the hi-hats that sink right in. Perhaps it's the perfectly placed pauses that wrap your ears in total ecstasy. Either way, AM!R is doing it right - and that, my friends, is how potent funk music is born. Walk blindly into some Dirty Whispers by grabbing your copy in the Soundcloud player below!

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