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Based out of the quaint village of Elora, Ontario, Riverfest Elora is about to witness its biggest and most anticipated lineup yet. In celebration of this incredible summer music festival, The Beatforest has curated a number of tracks from artists who will be playing Bissell Park from August 19th through to the 21st. Before we get too excited, please welcome to the stage our latest playlist, #BeatsOf: Riverfest Elora 2016!

With over 100 tunes from the likes of Chromeo, The Sheepdogs, Walk Off The Earth, and many more, #BeatsOf: Riverfest Elora 2016 is about to turn the excitement from "I'm pretty pumped, but it's in August" to "OMG, August is almost here!" Hopefully you, like us, are just as excited to check out the little-known, independent acts as you are the big names - you never know what undiscovered talent lays nestled under those big striped tents! The playlist includes artist's playing both the festival and the after parties. If you couldn't already tell, each day's lineup also corresponds to the colour (orange, blue, or green) in the poster above.

To find every track, we got cozy with each artist's Soundcloud page, chose two/three of our favourite songs, & fused it all together into a feel good playlist ready for Riverfest Elora! Unfortunately, not all artists can be found on Soundcloud from the RFE lineup so we supplemented that deficit with extra songs from those who are! This year we'll also be covering the event with two pre-festival articles before August 19th. The coverage will detail a variety of artist's playing each day of the festival, showcasing those "unheard-of" acts you might just fall in love with!

"Riverfest Elora returns this year for festival number eight with a third day and a full out third stage. This means more food trucks, more arts and craft vendors, more community and of course, more music!" -

Get amped for Riverfest Elora along with us & enjoy this playlist courtesy of The Beatforest Music Blog! For more information about the festival, where to buy tickets, and everything Riverfest, check out the socials below!

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