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Track: Free Spirit | Artist: Molly Moore


Experimenting with innovative textures, sounds, and lyrics, Molly Moore is a musician without creative boundaries. In following her continual growth and experimentation as an artist since her debut EP, you might even call her a free spirit. Coincidentally, that's also the title of her new single (see what I did there?).

"It's been a long process finding my voice & developing a sound that's genuine to me," says Molly Moore on her Facebook page, "I feel so excited to have a body of work out there that represents part of my journey." While her first EP was certainly a hit, Moore's new innovative sound on Free Spirit seems to resonate best with the artist's creative spirit. Beginning with a bit of "country twang" and quickly evolving into an alluring trip-hop groove, Free Spirit is a constantly shifting array of engaging textures and lyrics (co-written with TBF favourite Brandyn Burnette & created by Massive Attack producer Craig Dodds). Stimulate your senses and listen/buy Molly Moore's Free Spirit in the Soundcloud player below!

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