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Track: Rampant Wild Free (TBGLove Remix) | Artist: Noah Slee


From Auckland, New Zealand to Berlin, Germany and Detroit, Michigan, soul music has had an impact on music makers and fans internationally. Exemplified by Rampant Wild Free, a new tune written and performed by Noah Slee, produced by Ben Esser, and remixed by Tall Black Guy, soulful sound waves transverse language and cultural barriers effortlessly.

Released on Noah Slee's debut EP back in March, Rampant Wild Free combines Slee's passion for R&B/soul with an array of electronic sounds. The original tune (listen here) is a lovely downtempo banger filled with plenty of emotion (and an ounce of synth action inspired from Flume's now famous sound). Dig the original? Enter Tall Black Guy (aka. Terrel Wallace). The Detroit-based producer cranks Rampant Wild Free up a notch (or two!) with his jazzy grooves, acoustic instrumentation, and funky bass lines. Listen to Rampant Wild Free in its TBGLove Remix through the Soundcloud player below and bask in the soulful sounds flowing from these talented artists!

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