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Track: Overbored | Artist: Babygirl


Characteristically opposite to the playful cover art above, Overbored is an agitated gloom-pop anthem doused in meaningful lyrics and mundane observations of what it's like when boredom sets in.

Babygirl, a Torontonian duo composed of Kirsten Clark and Cameron Breithaupt, have successfully captured the essence of 60's emo pop rock. It's youthful angst and empathetic songwriting pairs incredibly well with the production, carrying the listener into a dreamy soundscape where hook-filled monotones explain reality. "A lot of pressure is put on us to be extraordinary, especially when we’re young and beginning to figure out who we are and what we want," says Clark. "We wanted to write a song that celebrated those who were unsure, uninspired, bored." Praise your inner turmoil with Babygirl's debut single by grabbing a copy of Overbored on iTunes here!

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