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#GuideTo Hillside Festival 2016: Sunday's Top 5 Artists


Are you ready for Hillside's soulful Gospel Session? Your Sunday morning wake-up call designed to lift the spirits through rootsy, rhythmic collaboration? Or maybe what gets you going are the 39 other great acts set to take the stage July 24th? Perhaps all it takes is the good food, amazing workshops, and overall festive vibe of Southern Ontario's most anticipated music and arts festival. Either way, Hillside is the place to be.

Hillside Festival 2016 docks onto Guelph Lake's Island this July 22nd to 24th. Three days of camping, dancing, and jamming are paired with headline acts from the likes of Buffy Ste. Marie & The Sadies to Beatforest favourite Donovan Woods. Not only that, but the festival is notorious for bringing independent and exceptional acts to the four stages it boasts. Complementary to the theme of our blog (being an unsigned music blog and all), I thought it would be a great idea to highlight the top five "fairly unknown" talents performing on each day of the festival. We've already covered Friday and Saturday's top ten, and today we'll be unveiling Sunday's top five. If you haven't caught yourself up with Friday and Saturday's top 10, visit my post on that here.


1. "I Wanna Touch You" by She-Devils

Presented by Pop Montreal, She-Devils are here to nurse your Sunday hangover with aqueous, dream-pop movement. The duo, composed of Kyle Jukka and Audrey Ann Boucher, capture a retro cadence loaded with echoing guitar riffs and distorted synth work; a sound sure to be welcomed when we're all a little dehydrated lounging in the sun. Catch She-Devils on Sunday's Lake Stage at 12:55 PM!

2. "Oj Daj Bozhe" by The Lemon Bucket Orkestra

If you're a fan of anything bulkan, klezmer, or gypsy, then The Lemon Bucket Orkestra are the band for you. Their music is deeply rooted in Eastern European culture, providing fans a glimpse into "irresistible brass band mayhem" - where folk meets punk and Ukrainian harmonies meet accordion. Find The Lemon Bucket Orkestra on Sunday's Main Stage at 3:10 PM!

3. "Mind Over Matter" by TUNS

Chris Murphy from Sloan, Matt Murphy from Super Friendz, and Mike O’Neill from The Inbreds form TUNS: an indie rock supergroup with old school charm and new school sound. Their debut single Mind Over Matter is power-pop at it's finest; catchy guitar licks, nostalgic vocals, and upbeat drums leading the charge. The debut album from TUNS drops August 26th, so be sure to catch all of their new jams on Sunday's Island Stage at 7:05 PM (courtesy of Exclaim!).

4. "What Happened" by Emilie & Ogden

Emilie & Ogden weave intricate harp and whimsical vocals into their latest single What Happened. The Montreal trio maintain a consistent focus on Emilie Kahn's talent, highlighting the singer-harpist's incredible ability to harmonize with her instrument. Every tune is haunting yet delightful (reminiscent of Agnes Obel), and I think this might be one to see while taking a mid-day nap near Sunday's Lake Stage at 3:00 PM!

5. "Bonnie and Clyde" by Les Hay Babies

And finally, some bluegrass-fed, indie-folk jams from New Brunswick french trio Les Hay Babies. There's something insanely catchy about these three ladies and I'll let you be the judge of it after watching their music video below for Bonnie and Clyde. Let me just say that this band has harmonies for dayyyyyssssss! Catch Les Hay Babies on Sunday's Main Stage at 6:00 PM!


That concludes our pre-festival coverage! Again, if you haven't checked out our top ten from Friday and Saturday, do that here. Otherwise, be sure to grab your digital copy of the weekend lineup, put our Hillside playlist on repeat, and start counting down the sleeps to next Friday's arrival!

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(Cover Photo Credit: Ryan Price)


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