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Track: Family | Artist: Satellite Mode


Composed of members Jess Carvo and Alex Marko, Satellite Mode is an electronic and indie-pop band based out of New York City. Just four releases into their discography, the duo is on track to become the next big thing. Their newest release, Family, is empathetic to the feelings that anyone in a relationship encounters, discussing both the joys and strains of love in an emotional and haunting track.

Satellite Mode formed just like any other band: two artists with a similar musical vision joined together to collaborate. However, things quickly changed when Jess suffered a tragedy in her family. Since then, the band has undergone 'immense change' while focusing heavily on utilizing music as a tool for expression. "Sessions served an entirely new purpose," says Jess and Alex, "collaborative songwriting became (and remains) a necessity for sanity." Satellite Mode's newest release Family brings alluring instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics to a complex, yet familiar topic. Listen to the new single from this talented duo in the Soundcloud player below!

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