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Track: Factory | Artist: r e l


A favorite of The Beatforest and a repeat feature on the blog, Los Angelean r e l has released another hit single. Describing herself as "full of dreams and poems and love," r e l is a singer-songwriter whose music is filled with evocative lyrics, sounds, and structure. Factory is no exception, as the tune transports listeners to a wildly creative and innovative soundscape perfected by r e l's spirited vocals.

In reviewing her complete discography thus far, it's apparent that r e l is an artist motivated by moving beyond a generic pop sound. "[We're] done breaking the rules, we're making the rules," declares r e l on her Facebook bio. From Plateau to Factory, she (with the help of her talented collaborative producer Jynjo) is consistently and successfully "making the rules" of the modern pop industry, composing expressive music that speaks to audiences of all demographics. Exemplified by her new release, Factory is a creative and dynamic tune grounded by a tribal beat, subby low end, and an array of floating instrumental textures; all accompanied by r e l's dreamy lyrics and vocals. Ready for some good vibes? Listen to the evoca-pop (a term she's trademarked) artist's latest in the Soundcloud player below.

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