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Track: Wander | Artist: Tim Atlas


Sprinkled with sun-kissed guitar riffs, circumambient percussion, and airy falsetto, Tim Atlas debuts Wander: a summer anthem that defies previous releases while stepping into a new-found 'tropical folk' groove.

Just like Freedom Fry's wildly euphoric music making, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter is all about good vibes in his latest beat. Maybe it's the artwork or the buoyant instrumentals, but there's something about this track that feels weightless; a feeling of floating into the relative unknown with nothing holding you back. It's tunes like these that evoke optimism and adventure, keeping us smiling through carefully mixed indie pop, worldly rhythms, and first-rate vocals. Oh, and did I mention that Atlas was on season 8 of The Voice just last year? +1 to his catalogue of awesome. Listen, buy, and become obsessed below!

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