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Track: Change Of Hearts | Artist: Catching Flies


Catching Flies' latest record is like moonshine for trip-hop lovers. Loaded with arpeggiated basslines and laid-back piano riffs, Change Of Hearts splits the boundary between contempo jazz and classic hip-hop; providing listeners an ambrosial euphony of feels.

The London producer's stripe of downtempo electronica is no new discovery to The Beatforest. His heavenly Mt. Wolf remix graced the environs last year, taking us by surprise through the amount of serenity buried in each beat. Since then, Catching Flies has produced a variety of mixes, soundtracks, and remixes to add to his discography, each sonically different than the next in both tempo and genre. Change Of Hearts is no exception to this nonconforming style: effortlessly ambient, experimental, and downright groovy. Not only does the track feature fiery vocal samples, but its progression stays true to Catching Flies' tuneful arrangements. Grab your free copy of the track in the Soundcloud player below!

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