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Track: Rose | Artist: Novaa


Blooming into a powerful and prominent "organic electronic" artist, 19 year old Novaa releases Rose from her forthcoming sophomore EP Stolen Peaches. Previously featured on The Beatforest for her stunning collaborations with Moglii, Novaa is an artist with true creative talent and vision. Similar to her previous releases, Rose immediately brings chills as Novaa's mesmerizing vocals fill an ambient and enchanting soundscape.

While in the process of writing Peaches, Novaa's laptop containing her sounds, lyrics, and creative content was stolen. However, good can emerge from heartbreaking events and, in this case, the result was Stolen Peaches. "Novaa decided to reconstruct the remnants of these [stolen] ideas, and Stolen Peaches was born - along with a new, more mature sound," explains Novaa's PR rep. In Rose, Novaa has pushed her creative abilities to a new level as she connects with listeners on the most sentimental and intimate level yet. "I never liked writing love songs, for me it always was and is an overused topic. But as I came up with the piano and the drums for Rose, the words and melody immediately came to mind. It is a love song, but I tried to make it a non-human, non-physical one - an ideal kind of love." Listen to and download Rose in the Soundcloud player below plus follow Novaa for updates on her September EP release.

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