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Track: Burning Game | Artist: GIIA

Is it too much to ask that GIIA & MEMBA just make an album already? The NYC power-duo have been hard at work over the past few months, releasing their initial collaboration One last month and now debuting GIIA's jazzy, electronic single Burning Game.

Operatically trained, vocalist GIIA (aka. Emmy Giarrusso) shares Burning Game, a song about feeling stuck and "falling back into old habits because it's easier than walking away." She related that feeling to a flame; "something that looks so enticingly beautiful from the outside but when you're in the thick of it, it will hurt and wear you away." Filled with scorching synth motifs spun by fellow NY producer MEMBA, Burning Game showcases GIIA's lilting vocals ultimately carrying the tracks mesmerizing cadence. Fall into feeling with GIIA & MEMBA's new tune below and grab a free download while you're at it!


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