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Track: Area 51 | Artist: DRÆMINGS


A self-proclaimed "mystic pop" artist, Kimi Recor is DRÆMINGS. Gifted as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, DRÆMINGS hones her passion for music, and magic, with her latest release. "Music and magic go hand-in-hand. They both surround us. They’re both intangible. They both can be life-changing," says Kimi.

In preparation for her August 5th LP release The Eternal Lonesome, DRÆMINGS provides fans a taste of what's to come in Area 51. The energetic tune features a post-punk vibe meshed with 80s synths, acoustic instrumentation, and Kimi's captivating vocals. The track comes directly from the heart, influenced by Kimi's complex love life spent balancing music and romance. “I wrote [Area 51] about being in love with somebody who’s also a musician,” says Kimi. “When you love someone who’s a traveling artist you always know that person is going to leave. It’s vagabond love... I’ve always been with artists and had to accept they’re going to love their art more than they love me because I love my art more than anyone.” DRÆMINGS' new single is truly something to love and is now available to stream below.


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