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What does the word 'skeleton' bring to mind? Secrets? Deception? Leftovers? Or maybe, for good reason, it reminds you of Halloween. Either way, a skeleton makes up something that used to be, and while Stefan Alexander's new tune speaks of moving past old bones, it's that bygone feeling that gives Skeleton it's life.

This NYC singer-songwriter isn't here to mess around. Whether it's the meaningful lyrics behind every verse or the confidence pervading his vocals, Alexander undoubtedly has what it takes to make it big. I mean honestly, can the falsetto be any better on this track? It not only rewards the listener with a blast of musical dopamine, but also manages to carry us through soulful crescendo resulting in audio euphoria. Smother the melody in coastal backbeat and you've got yourself a liberating anthem filled with summer vibes. Ready for more? Latch onto Skeleton below and follow Alexander at his socials to stay up to date with new music dropping soon!

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