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The debut from LA's Felish is a lucid ingress into the singer's soulful talent. Appropriately titled, 'A Dream' lulls its listener into a heady mindspace where organs meet synths and resonating timbre is nuanced by delicate songwriting.

Unlike many vocalists, Felish isn't afraid to explore the unconventional. Her vocals float from one melody to the next, mirroring rhythmic beats provided by fellow LA producer Kevin Skaggs. Eloquent in her craft, Felish manages to capture raw emotion in the structure of each verse, lilting each syllable to dig deep with feeling. My favourite part of the track drops in towards the end; her catchy vocal riffs dancing along a mesmerizing drum beat that will catch you off guard with its danceable cadence. Support Felish's musical adventure by following her socials and listening to 'A Dream' in the Soundcloud player below!

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