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Released ahead of his scheduled debut EP, Los Angeles producer NVDES (pronounced "nudes") releases the vibrant demo 'Can You Not'. Channeling a true Ratatat vibe, the tune carries syncopated rhythm and unorthodox loopage; a sound we can only describe as bombastic indie pop.

Made for his fans and named after a Snapchat filter, 'Can You Not' is a jam filled with modern textures, oddly catchy guitar licks, and frenzied percussive notes. "It channels a "laptop punk" aesthetic I have been seeking," says NVDES, "I also like how there are now lyrics. My intention is that listeners create their own experience with the scratch vocals.” A hype machine sensation whose previous releases have clocked over 200,000 plays apiece, NVDES' melon-infused brand is well on its way to topping the charts yet again and we can only predict more great beats with his EP release right around the corner! Vibe out with a free download of 'Can You Not' below and strip down with NVDES!


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