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Four months following the release of their wildly successful single 'twentythousand', LA duo EXES is back with yet another inspiring "electro-dream-pop" record. Composed of singer-songwriter Allie McDonald and producer Mike Derenzo, EXES' new tune 'Like You' follows a common theme of the duo: "We write songs about our exes," says Allie. "'Like You' is a very real song about a very real boy I fell quickly and unrealistically for. Although the subject matter is a bit sad, the bouncy playfulness of the production adds an aspect of teenage naivety."

As is apparent in listening to their music, EXES is not your traditional 'we write songs about breakups' kind-of band. Instead, the duo stand out with an array of powerful, emotional, and distinctly imaginative sounds that flow blissfully throughout their beats. Not only that, but EXES insightful philosophy is deeply ingrained into their music. "We are inspired by the people, places, and things of our past," says EXES. "Whether they haunt us or keep us warm at night. Whether they burn our hearts or hold our hands." This mindset is certainly apparent in 'Like You' and throughout the duo's evocative songs. "Come clean, tell me if you miss me," sings Allie in 'Like You'. We're coming clean... we love everything about EXES' new single. Stream the track below!


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