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Sometimes the best music is only a canoe ride down the river. Situated along Elora, Ontario's picturesque Grand River backdrop, Riverfest 2016 presents a unique blend of renowned musical acts paired with rootsy, community vibes. Food, art, and culture mingle with melody, rhythm, and movement; providing fans a weekend escape at one of Ontario's most charming villages.

Riverfest Elora 2016 arrives next Friday, August 19th at Elora's Bissell Park. Three days of dancing, feasting, and music discovery complement headline acts from the likes of Chromeo, Walk Off The Earth, and The Sheepdogs. Not only does Riverfest's lineup boast a variety of popular talent, but the festival has a knack for bringing budding, independent acts to the three stages it provides. Harmonious with our unsigned music blog status, I thought it would be a great idea to highlight the top "fairly unknown" talents performing on each day of the festival. We've already covered Friday and Saturday's top eight, so today we'll wrap it up with Sunday's top five. If you haven't caught yourself up with Friday and Saturday's top eight, visit my post on that here.

Sunday, August 21st

1. 'ST. CECILIA' by The Medicine Hat

Back in June I covered The Medicine Hat's catchy single 'New Survival'. In follow up to this renewed sense of sound, the Hamilton five-piece deliver a brand new single titled 'St. Cecilia'. From Nabi's musing songwriting and vocal narratives, to the power-pop hooks that soar like a classic 80's gem, there's not a doubt in my mind that you won't find this group incredible to watch. Check them out on Sunday's Dine Alone Records: Wax on Wheels Stage at 5:45 PM!

2. 'Heartless' by Brandon Wolfe Scott

Vancouver folk singer-songwriter Brandon Wolfe Scott is your Sunday-lullaby minstrel. Equipped with honeyed harmonies and mesmerizing instrumentals, Scott captivates his listener without even breaking a sweat. Oh and did I mention that he's part of Yukon Blonde? Signed, sealed, delivered. Find BWS on Sunday's Dine Alone Records: Wax on Wheels Stage at 2:05 PM!

3. 'Show Me The Ropes' by Good For Grapes

Craving some foot stomping, anthemic folk sing-a-longs this Riverfest? Good For Grapes have you covered. Their inspiring melodies, soaring vocals, and memorable lyrics stick in your head for hours afterwards; the sign of a talented band that even your grouchy grandma just might love! Follow Good For Grapes to the Main Stage at 1:15 PM for a performance you won't soon forget!

4. 'Heart In Two' by Reuben And The Dark

Reuben And The Dark have been described as "chilling", "dark", "emotive", "haunting" and "introspective". Sound sinister? Good. It's supposed to. Made up of five performers, each a master of many sounds, Reuben And The Dark are the epitome of brooding indie rock. Their music navigates both sides of songwriting: anguish and ecstasy, winding through a soundscape that will leave you yearning for more. Reuben And The Dark can be found on Sunday's Main Stage at 3:00 PM!

5. 'Attention Seeker' by Etiquette

Every festival needs a good synthpop band. I don't care if you're a startup or an all folk music festival, synthpop is mandatory when beers, blankets, and lineups are involved. Riverfest has definitely delivered on this front, providing us with Toronto duo Graham Walsh and Julie Fader (better known as Etiquette). Their single 'Attention Seeker' is a great example of what to expect; a song where tactile acoustics wash over ethereal vocals, seductive ambient synths, and groovy bass lines. Sound like something you might enjoy? Head over to Sunday's Dine Alone Records: Wax on Wheels Stage at 3:55 PM to catch Etiquette in all their glory!


Download the brand new Riverfest app on Android & iTunes before the festival for the complete schedule, last minute tickets, Slacker Radio, and more! Be sure to also catch yourself up with the other great bands performing at the festival by checking out our Friday & Saturday top eight here and listening to The Beatforest's Riverfest playlist below! See you there!

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