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I have to confess something. I think I have a crush on The Palms. I know, I know, two-timing is never a good thing, but my love affair with the Los Angeles twosome isn't only external. What it really comes down to is the talent brimming from Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti; a self-branded style called "psych-pop" that's taking the world by storm one song at a time.

'All4You' is The Palms sixth official single from their debut EP 'Sway'. Influenced by legendary musicianship found within Laurel Canyon's psychedelic roots, The Palms capture an essence of seaside flavour complemented by West Coast euphoria. A rich blend of foot-tapping, reverb-filled motifs accompany 'All4You's' feel good temperament, keeping step with Rothbard & Zambetti's consistently impressive acoustics. Six songs in total, 'Sway' is a great way to get acquainted with the boys before they hit it big, so grab your copy of the EP below and "sway" with The Palms!

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