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Psychic Love are the kind of band you'd find at a smoky tavern in the heart of Echo Park, Los Angeles. Their trippy aesthetic traverses artistic boundaries many rock groups tend to tune out, nabbing aspects of raw 90's grunge rock with neo-psychedelic overlays.

"Ultralight," the lead single from Psychic Love's forthcoming debut album, is 'dream grunge' at it's finest. It's as if The Sheepdogs had a musical lovechild with The Preatures, replete with a boozy rock 'n' roll signature embedded in classic pop melodies. The track has quite the origin story as well, or so says frontwoman Laura Peters who mentions that she wrote 'Ultralight' while helping a friend through a bad acid trip. "Apparently, the guitar lines were so soothing that every time I stopped playing he looked horrified and pukey. I ended up writing about nine verses." In retrospect, that dude was probably having the worst trip of his life. But honestly, doesn't it make the tune just that much better? Check out "Ultralight" below and be sure to follow Psychic Love's socials to stay tuned with their forthcoming LP "The Hive Mind" set to drop September 2nd!

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