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Imagine yourself in the vibrant era of the 1970's. You're out with your best group of friends, each lacing up a snazzy pair of neon quad roller skates. The distant thud of retro house music mingles with the smell of rubber hitting urethane; a sensory overload as euphoric as it is tuneful. Now pair that feeling with Midnight Mystery Club's latest single and you'll see exactly why the 70's is where it's at.

Providing a groovy counter-rhythm between uptempo synths and pulsating basslines, David Paul Newell (aka. Midnight Mystery Club) takes us back in time with his latest tune "Calling Me." It's wildly catchy temperament complements 'four-on-the-floor' beat patterns and warm sonic textures, ultimately harmonized by Newell's lilting vocals. Grab your copy of "Calling Me" for free download and support MMC by following his socials below!

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