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I'm not sure if you've been keeping step with the current state of Netflix, but a show called "Stranger Things" has taken the streaming world by storm. Set in the 80's, it's soundtrack pays ode to the dreampop/shoegaze movement defined by subby synths, distorted guitar, and swirling vocals. Maybe it's my subconscious choosing this style of music, but there seems to be an increased presence of nu-disco and psychedelia showing up in The Beatforest within the past month.

Today's group goes by the name of Teagre. Formerly known as 'French Government' (under a different style), the Paris duo create mesmerizing indie-electronic beats filled with groove, rhythm, and soul. Their new track "Closer" could definitely find its way onto Season 2 of Stranger Things, proving itself with funky basslines, vocoded vocals, and throwback synthwork. The tune also comes with a fierce video clip, lyric video, and live session you can view at their Youtube channel here!

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