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Far off the coast from The Beatforest lies a hidden realm called Soda Island. Unknown to many, the isle is host to an array of kaleidoscopic creatures and aural rituals. From 'bubblebees' to mermaids and ghosts, these creatures mingle with the island's inhabitants to produce dulcet beats. One particular part of the island is host to the "Secret Garden"; a place where inhabitants Izzard and Merival provide honeyed, electro-folk groove.

Both producer Izzard and folk songstress Merival are no new faces to The Beatforest. They've traversed our musical timberland before; Merival with her sweet sounding single "Kicking You Out" and Izzard with his remix of Daughter's "Youth." Now in collaboration on their latest record "Secret Garden," the pair combine folksy guitar loops with rhythmic downtempo beats. Merival's soft and delicate vocals float above Izzard's textured synthwork, cradling each melody in soothing timbre and lullaby accents. The tune is part of Soda Island's compilation "A Trip To Soda Island;" 17 tracks of deliciously futuristic beats. Grab it on Bandcamp here and follow both artists at their socials below!

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